Tooth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment (esthetic or cosmetic dentistry) that is able to reduce various shades leaving the teeth whiter, bright and healthy and can be performed in VERY DENT'S CLÍNICAS DENTALES or your home.

The whitening of teeth also allows remove stains produced by drugs or by extrinsic causes such as tea, coffee, mate, smoking, red wine, among other substances and food.

No bleaching causes tooth abrasion (wear), as well also weakens the teeth; simply acting chemically gels can reduce various shades within the same color of the tooth are used.

Bleaching has no effect on any restorations, which are: amalgam restorations halogen light, inlays and crowns or bridges. If the patient has such arrangements in the previous especially industry, he performs bleaching and then it proceeds to do the replacement of restorations that have not changed its color.

To perform the replacement of these restorations need to wait 15 days or so for the color obtained with whitening stabilizes.

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