Dental Implants

The dental implantology is one of the most currently common practice in dentistry. The purpose of it is to supplement the lack of a tooth through the intrabony implant, usually titanium, because it produces no rejection reaction.

This piece is placed in the bone, replacing the lacking tooth space. With this treatment, jaw fully recover its aesthetics and usability. This prosthesis dimension may vary according to the size of the bone structure of the patient. It is a oral surgery well advanced which requires the work of specialists in the field for optimal results.

At Very Dent’s Clínicas Dentales our team of specialists will review your case personally and will help improve the health and condition of your teeth by dental implant treatments. Do not hesitate, and do not let the health of your mouth in the background.

Ask our experts. VERY DENT'S CLÍNICAS DENTALES funds your treatment.

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