TAP® the fast and easy solution

If snoring destroys your relationship, health or life threatening, the easiest solution is the TAP splint. This harmless plastic splint set only during sleep, just keeps the jaw forward, freeing the airway. Without operations or longer therapies, your orthodontist or dentist can develop their individual splint and solve the problem immediately.

A study resulted in a 96% success through people who were treated with TAP® splint (* CHEST 116:1511-1518, Dez. 99, J. Pancer et al. “Evaluation of Variable Mandibular…”).

TAP Splint

  • Now biocompatible titanium, lighter and more controllable for the patient.
  • It is made especially for you.
  • It can be regulated directly. It is easy to use and convenient.
  • Try a healthy and relaxed breathing>.

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