Sleep apnea

Snoring may leave you alone and sick

That does not have to be like this. At VERY DENT’S CLÍNICAS DENTALES offer art treatments against sleep apnea. The TAP splint® will help you immediately. Ask to our specialists.

What is snoring?

For many snoring is the expression of a deep sleep. But for others it is a threatening disorder between the couple or even a health hazard. Snorers often feel alone.

60% of men and 40% of women aged 60 years, and 10% of men and 5% of women at thirty snore, and many of them unknowingly.

Why do you snore?

During sleep, the airways become narrowed due to relaxation of the tongue and pharynx. Breathe when vibrations of the membranes, causing the typical sound of snoring occur.


The following tips contain basic measures to be taken to reduce snoring:

  • Avoid eating too much and not drinking alcohol before bed.
  • If you are overweight, you need to lose weight.
  • No sleep supine.
  • Sleeping with the back of the bed raised.
  • Not taking medications that can affect breathing.
  • Moisten the bedroom.

TAP®, your assistant not only for health problems

The TAP® splint can help you to prevent snoring, and its consequences: health problems and with the couple. No matter if you or your partner snores. Ask your orthodontist or dentist. It will tell you gladly, helping to resolve this condition.

Many relationships suffer because of snoring. Simply consult your dentist. He will explain that the simplest help against snoring is TAP® splint.

Putting my health at risk?

When you run out of breathing (apnea), significant damage can occur. The airways are completely closed and for some time the brain and lungs do not receive oxygen. This lasts until the brain realizes the situation and automatically wakes a person without noticing: the jaw is closed, the tongue moves forward and pharynx is filled. The cycle can be repeated up to 50 times per hour during the night.

From fatigue to myocardial infarction

The apnea produces serious problems that can not be underestimated: daytime tiredness, problems with the circulatory movement and especially, stroke and many more. People who suffer under apnea and not left to try to solve the problem, have a shorter life expectancy.

The apnea brings the following effects:


  • Problem between couple.
  • Headache upon awakening.
  • Depression.
  • High tension.
  • Myocardial infarction.
  • Short life expectancy.
  • Chronic sleep disorder.
  • Fatigue and problems with attention span.
  • Pounding heart.
  • Stroke.

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